Reading makes a person perfect. The school has a well stocked and computerised library with books meant for all age groups. The library is well furnished with a student friendly ambiance, kept in all peace and silence, to inspire the pupils to get engrossed in serious scholarly activities. Students are assigned a library period each week in order to inculcate reading habits among them. The library is open during the working hours and the students are given the opportunity to borrow books as per rules.

Pupils are advised that all articles and personal belongings must be left outside while entering the library. Only a note book and a pen is permitted inside.

Students who keep books longer than the period permitted will be fined.

Any damage observed in any book while in the library must immediately be brought to the attention of the librarian. Any book damaged after issuance should be made good by the borrower concerned.

Periodicals, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, guides and other reference books will not be lent out.