Principal's Message

The beginning of the new Academic Session is a time for looking back on the accomplishments gone by. It is also a time to take inspiration from past and look forward to the work ahead and focus on setting new benchmarks and conquering new horizons.

As we step in to Academic Session 2018-19, we look forward with enthusiasm and anticipation to better our best by devising new strategies and incorporating latest innovations in learning process.

St. Joseph’s school, Goraknath, over the last few years has emerged as a portal of academic excellence and character building. The unstinted co-operation of the staff has resulted in consistent excellence shown by the students not only in academic results but also in various other fields of co-curricular activities like sports, dramatics, music, dance, oratory, and many more.

The resources, facilities and avenues provided to the teachers and the students help them strengthen their skills in making teaching - learning an enriching and joyous journey with myriad experience’s. Over the years , the entire world over has strong realisations that only through right education can a better order of society be built up.

For education to be rewarding and meaningful, it is of utmost importance that all the three vital components i.e. students, school and parents work in unison. The almanac must be used as a means to achieve this goal. So let us continue to march ahead with perseverance and an indomitable will to succeed on this journey of excellence.


With warm greetings
Rev. Fr. Jaimon Antony